Welcome to General Practice Hart van Hatert

The practice has been located in the Hart van Hatert, at 34 Couwenbergstraat, since 2002. At the end of 2019 we opened a second consultation location at Geeresteinstraat 32. On this website you will find practical information about our practice and references to other reliable sites. 

Register as a new patient

If you do not yet have a general practitioner in Nijmegen and you live near us, it is good to know that we are open to new patients. We think it is important that we can be with you on time in case of an emergency, which is why we only register patients who live in the Hatert or Weezenhof district. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact one of our doctor’s assistants. You can register directly with the registration form

In case of a medical emergency

In a life-threatening situation: call 112.

You can come to the practice during office hours for first aid. If you call in advance, the doctor can take your arrival into account. If there is a medical emergency, call the emergency line (option 1).

Medical emergency from Monday to Friday between 5:00 PM and 8:00 AM, weekends and holidays. For urgent medical questions that cannot wait until the next consultation hour of your own GP you can contact the Huisartsenpost: call 0900 8880

Here too you can enter 1 in a life-threatening situation, after which you will be treated with priority. When you call they will ask you for: your name, address, telephone number and date of birth, names of medicines you are taking. When visiting the huisartsenpost, the advice is always to call first! And to bring a valid ID.

Monday to Friday between 8:00am an 5:00PM


The general practice is a place where many people with fragile health come. Even if you have (minor) complaints, you can infect others. Even if you are vaccinated and have had the booster shot against corona. That is why we are taking extra measures in our practice due to the rising Corona contamination figures.

In this way you also help to protect vulnerable patients.

1. wear a medical mouth mask

when visiting the practice

2. Wear a FFP2 mask in case of covid-suspicious complaints

Patients are scheduled for special office hours and we ask them not to take a seat in the waiting room.

Consultation by appointment

You must always make an appointment in advance for the consultation with the doctor. When making an appointment, the assistant will ask for the reason for your contact. She has been trained for this purpose and does so in order to make the best possible assessment of the nature and degree of urgency of your complaints. The assistant is (just like the general practitioner) obliged to treat your information confidentially. If you have several complaints or questions,  we ask you to make this known when making the appointment. The assistant can then take this into account and schedule more time for you. We ask that you notify us in time if you are unable to attend. We like to use the freed up time for other patients. 

Two locations

You will hear from the assistant at which location you have an appointment, Couwenbergstraat 34 or Geeresteinstraat 32. If you have an appointment in Geeresteinstraat, you can take a seat in the communal waiting room (in the physiotherapy practice). You do not have to report, you can take a seat and you will be called automatically. 

Evening consultation

There is an evening consultation hour on Thursday evenings. This wider opening is a service for our patients for whom it is difficult to meet within office hours


Ask your doctor a question online,  with a secured connection. It is also possible to send an attachment. This way you don’t have to stop by or call. You will receive an answer from your GP safely in your patient environment within 2 working days. An online message is not suitable for emergencies, new complaints, emotional or psychological problems or problems that require a physical examination. Register at the gray button at the homepage MIJN MEDISCH DOSSIER or in English: